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Publications know that when a retailer submits an article, it’s generally for developing further business, but the TeaQueen team just writes to spread the pleasure of tea and to educate consumers. Though TeaQueen does facilitate private sales, we do not sell product.

Recent articles by or about Tea Queen:

Toronto Star January 30, 2013

“British Airways offers newly blended tea to account for altitude” and TeaQueen comments!

Ezine Investment Executive asked TeaQueen about handling stress on the trading room floor

CBC “Fresh Air” An interview with TeaQueen hosted by Mary Ito of CBC Radio One – October 17, 2010    Listen here ( 10 minutes )

Gremolata tea series – January & February, 2010  – Alas poor Gremolata decided to fold up shop.  If you’d like my articles for them, just email me.

Yfile  “Secret Lives” A steamy look at the world of tea,  August 5, 2009

Toronto Star, May 23,  2009 High Tea by Donna Yawching

(clicking link will download PDF file)

Wine Enthusiast – March 2009

One of the wine world’s most popular wine  magazines looks at tea and wine ratings.

The Leaf – interactive tea magazine. World Tea Expo, 2008

Read about some of the 4,000 people that converged on Las Vegas to talk tea during the World Tea Expo.

CityBites Magazine – Summer 2008

What do restauranteurs and retailers think about a tea-rating system and how would it affect customers?

Life Peak Magazine: A Fine Time for Tea – March 2007

Let tea take you through your day….from dawn to dusk.

Life Peak Magazine: Double Du-Tea Article – June/July 2007

Great taste and great health benefits briefly explored.