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Tea Classes

The best way to discover the world of tea is to experience tea’s taste with a knowledgeable TeaQueen certified tea sommelier guide. Our seminars combine informative and chatty lectures, and sampling. Check out our calendar for public classes if you don’t want to set up your own class.

Our tea classes are offered either by a geographic focus,  tea category or specific topic. Most beginners prefer Tea 101: A primer©. Classes have a tasting component and can be arranged with food pairing, and take home tea samples.

Green Tea Discoveries©   Using green and white teas from China and Japan,  this seminar discusses health benefits,  green tea processing and  let’s you taste and compare a variety of green teas. We use gong fu service and discuss tea ceremonies from around the world.

Dark Fragrances: A World of Black tea© If you enjoy Earl Grey, this class is for you! We discover other fine fragranced and flavoured black teas and learn how to make chai.

Tea Blending  & Sumptuous Scents© Taste and learn about blended teas such as Earl Grey or English Breakfast or a variety of floral mixes.  Try your hand at blending tea to take home with you.

Tea & Cocktails Get beyond Blueberry Tea and try a new twist on tea! TeaQueen has joined up with well-known mixologists Martini Club to offer tea tasting in a whole new way.  Teas are tried “straight” then blended in unique cocktails.  Offered with food pairing or light cocktail canapes.

Fragrant Florals in Tempting Teas©      Roses, lavender, jasmine….heady scents combined with fine teas make for a wonderful tea class. Learn about the perfumed teas.

Tea & the UK In this tasting and seminar you will learn about the very intriguing history of tea from a UK perspective…learn who discovered “afternoon tea”, try many UK favourites as well as cover the basics of black tea. This seminar may be presented with a food pairing component.

Tea & India So much of the worlds great teas come from India….from Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri and other regions. This seminar and tasting discusses the history of tea in India and environs, and the British influence. We taste the “champagne of tea” and compare a variety of garden estates. A quick overview on black tea and its processing is part of our chai & chat.

Custom classes We offer tastings and further discussion. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.